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Easter + Trans Day of Visibility

March 31 is the International Trans Day of Visibility. This is a day to celebrate the joy and resilience of trans and non-binary people everywhere by elevating voices and experiences from these communities. While the focus of mental health professionals often centers on addressing the challenges and discrimination faced by transgender and gender expansive individuals, it’s equally important to celebrate their resilience and affirm their identities.

This year, the Trans Day of Visibility falls on a Sunday. Easter Sunday.

I feel as though this is a unique opportunity for faith based communities to uplift and celebrate trans and gender expansive people. This affirmation lets marginalized groups know that your spiritual or religious space is a safe space for them, which it often may not have been in the past. It allows cisgender people to develop and show compassion for the trans community and reduce their stigma behind it.

Acknowledging and celebrating transgender individuals, especially adults, can have profound implications for mental health, particularly for transgender and gender expansive youth who may struggle with identity formation and acceptance. By highlighting positive representations and achievements within the transgender community, we provide hope and validation, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Consider what your faith-based organization could do on Easter Sunday to also celebrate the trans community alongside Easter, which celebrates the resurrection of Christ. Uplifting trans voices (maybe even inviting a trans or non-binary person to speak and share their story) allows you to take a stance that trans people, too, bear the image of God. Challenge gender assumptions. Recognize the biases and understand that your religious or spiritual place may have (and likely has) been harmful at some point to a trans individual. Offer funding and support to trans organizations. You have the opportunity to show up for trans and gender expansive people this Easter in a big way.

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