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My focus is on creating a nurturing environment where you can break free from isolation, embrace your authentic self, and feel empowered to work through your struggles.

I help individuals who struggle to find a safe space where they feel truly accepted.

I'm all about working with those who feel like they don't quite fit the mold. If you've ever felt like you're on the outskirts looking in, know that you've found a safe place here.

It is my firm belief and experience that everyone holds the capacity for healing. I am committed to walking with you, honoring your unique experiences, and celebrating your triumphs. Because your healing journey is not just about finding resolution; it's about rediscovering your strength, your resilience, and your capacity for growth. Sometimes reaching out is the hardest part. Take that first step and let's chat!

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LGBT challenges
& identity 




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Available for in-person sessions in Pensacola, FL and telehealth throughout Florida.

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